Sports Photography
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Sports Photography

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Sports photography is a significant segment of the industry, and there are plenty of opportunities here if you're looking for another source of revenue for your photography business. Even if you aren't an athlete yourself, snapping images of players or sportspeople is a great way to expand your photography skill set. Capturing action at the fast pace of athletic events makes for a challenging photographic assignment. Practicing action shots for sports photography can improve your camera skills, open up more creative possibilities, and enhance your photography game overall. Here are a few tips that could help you get started.

What is Sports Photography?

This type of photography is all about documenting an athletic event. It could be a major game, or it could just be early season practice. Local community teams range from high schools to professional-level organizations.

When it comes to what counts as a sport, you need to keep an open mind. While football, baseball, or basketball are obvious, these major sports are just the tip of the iceberg. Golf, tennis, swim meets, track and field events, cycling tours, skiing, and water sports count too. The list goes on and on, but if it involves people pursuing athletic achievement with a mix of competitive spirit, chances are there's an opportunity for an enterprising sports photographer.


Photographer for the day 6 hours. 100 pictures edited 

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